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We build a unified technology platform along with continuous investment in warehouse/workshop facilities to provide businesses and retailers who want to access foreign markets with shipping services, fulfillment is fast, stable and economical.

UFS Express is striving to become a leading logistics technology enterprise with global coverage, to help businesses expand their business markets in other countries. With a wide market network and reputable partners around the world, we are confident to bring customers international shipping services with the most favorable costs in the market.

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UFS is ready for customers

We always put our customers first in order to satisfy customers' trust in UFS Express

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Flexible management and reporting

UFS Express applies modern technology to its 24/7 operating system to achieve good operating efficiency and easy monitoring anytime, anywhere.

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Utility payment

UFS Express combines using payment methods such as payment delivery, or Internet Banking, Visa, Master Card payment to create convenience for customers.

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Commitment of UFS - Express

We are committed to becoming a leading logistics solution provider for our customers. We continuously improve and implement quality management to achieve that.


Mạnh An Long Biên - Hà Nội

Currently, express delivery service in Vietnam is not rare, if not a lot, but choosing to send goods safely and quickly according to international standards, I really trust when using courier services. Hurry up to the US of UFS.

Kiều My Cầu Giấy - Hà Nội
I am very satisfied with the consulting and quotation team as well as the dedicated and thoughtful advice of the domestic freight forwarding team. After 3 years of using the service of sending goods to Vietnam to the US and returning from the US to Vietnam. I really trust the service at UFS Express.

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