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Prestigious shipping service to send goods to the US, ship goods from the US to Vietnam

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Vision, mission


We build a unified technology platform along with continuous investment in warehouse/workshop facilities to provide businesses and retailers who want to access foreign markets with shipping services, fulfillment is fast, stable and economical.


UFS Express is striving to become a leading logistics technology enterprise with global coverage, to help businesses expand their business markets in other countries.

Core values


We master technology in the process of system development and partner connection, and create an automated and transparent experience for customers when using UFS EXPRESS services.


With a professional software system and a team of experienced staff in the field of domestic and international transportation, UFS Express's transportation service ensures the stability of time and the safety of the goods.


With a wide market network and reputable partners around the world, we are confident to bring customers international shipping services with the most favorable costs in the market.

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Airplane taking off from the airport. 3d render and illustration.

Service - Ship to the US

1. Receive goods from customer's address (countrywide)

2. Consolidation, labeling and packaging

3. Flight connection to all countries

4. Carry out procedures at the destination country, transfer the goods to the mining depot

5. Pick up goods at the incoming warehouse, sort by delivery route or by item, label and make a list

6. Connect to shipping or courier companies in the destination country to deliver goods to customers


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