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International Delivery demand is an indispensable part of the new economic conditions. Cheap international express delivery was also born to serve everyone. However, not all suppliers are professional enough to make international shipping fast and safe. Let’s find out together!

1. Which item to send for cheap, fast international express?

With the development of transportation system, you can ship most items at a very affordable price:

  • Mail, papers, important documents
  • Personal luggage, everyday items such as clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Samples for partners, crafts, art supplies,…
  • Household items, electronics- electronic components.

You should note that:

  • Units absolutely do not transport nationally banned items, flammable substances explosive or radioactive.
  • For specific goods, powder-liquid, chemicals, etc. .Please contact the shipping company for detailed advice.

2. Criteria for choosing international courier services

There are many criteria to choose a quality unit cheap international express quality. Some of the criteria you can consider to choose the right address are:

Info full, clear branding

This is definitely the first and most important element make sure you don’t encounter fraudulent disguised addresses, irresponsible amateur companies. Reputable units do not hesitate to share their information on websites, regularly update current policies and fees, etc. Thanks to that, you can easily contact when there is a need as well. like solving unexpected problems.

Price shipping

You should choose an international shipping company with a table Public prices on the website so as not to be “exorbitantly inflated” by service providers. International freight always has a rather high fee, although there will be a difference, but publicizing the freight rate is certain. Which helps you feel more secure when using the service.

Time full process

To avoid the situation of unit hugging, consolidating rows If you do not ship within the same day, you should find out the feedback and reviews of customers who have used the service. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully check the commitments on delivery time / person when signing an international freight contract.

Policy Cargo insurance

With such a long journey, sometimes goods not guaranteed absolute safety when reaching the recipient. In the event that your goods have an unexpected problem during transportation, you will not be sorry to suffer by this policy.

Service dedicated customer care

The consultant is the first person to contact you when contacting the carrier. Besides, they are also the consultant of service packages, procedures and answer all your questions and questions. Therefore, please consider carefully because customer care also partly reflects the overall service of the company!

3. Professional cheap international express delivery companies

Meets the “strict” criteria above In order to satisfy the most demanding customers, we would like to send you some units that cannot be ignored when sending international goods:

  • DHL
  • UFS
  • Postal

The above are companies with long experience in the field express delivery, international shipping . Therefore, you can always rest assured that your orders will be fast and smooth.

4. Advantages of using cheap international express services at UFS

UFS is proud to be a pioneer in international express delivery, having received the love and trust of many used customers across the country. .

Why should you choose UFS for your order?

  • Save up to 25% on international express freight rates
  • Goods are carefully inspected, packed and shipped according to international standards economy.
  • Fast shipping time, accurate delivery to the recipient in the US.
  • Detailed advice on services, rates and procedures for you.
  • Goods are guaranteed in terms of quantity and quality throughout the journey.
  • Quick support policy, modern management mechanism to keep you on your order at all times.

Time receive goods when shipping international goods

  • At UFS, your goods will be hand-delivered within the specified time. commitment in the contract.
  • Usually, shipping by air, the item will arrive at the destination address. after 1-3 days, for sea shipping it will be 5-7 days.
  • Shipping time is affected by factors such as weather , customs situation, etc. If any problems arise, we will immediately contact you to solve them quickly and satisfactorily, but this case is very rare.

5. Price list of cheap express delivery to the US (Reference)

Weight (Kg) Unit price ($) Weight (Kg) Unit price ($)
0.10 6.09 1.30 29.93
0.20 7.91 1.40 32.18
0.30 9.96 1.50 33.43
0.40 12.76 1.60 34.68
0.45 14.02 1.70 35.93
0.50 16.39 1.80 37.18
0.60 18.91 1.90 40.05
0.70 21.11 2.00 41.30
0.80 22.68 2.20 43.80
0.90 23.93 2.40 49.62
1.00 26.18 2.60 52.12
1.10 27.43 2.80 57.42
1.20 28.68 3.00 59.92

Note: The above is just a price list express delivery to the US for reference. To get the most accurate international shipping quote and the best price, please contact UFS’s staff directly via hotline or official fanpage!

One ​​of the top places only provide service cheap international courier in Vietnam, UFS will send you the most satisfying experiences. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us via hotline or fanpage for the earliest support!

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