Prestigious shipping service to send goods to the US, ship goods from the US to Vietnam

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Fulfill your orders worldwide

Choose to store your goods at any warehouse in the UFS Fulfillment network and we will help you optimize the entire process from warehousing, packaging, shipping with minimal cost and time

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The solution UFS provides

Save time and resources with our innovative and flexible Fulfillment network

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50+ shipping solutions with up to 70% discount

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Actual shipping and inventory status updates

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Transparent payment, no extra fees

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Integrated with e-commerce multi-channel system

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Custom packing

Make a difference to your products

Marketing publications
Use more stickers or samples to enhance the customer experience

Delivery invoice
Personalize your delivery slip with your company logo and other details for free

Packaging products
Use the free packaging service in fulfillment service solution or send UFS brand own packaging box

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Product inventory management

Manage the quantity of products stored in multiple warehouses on a single system

Actual update
Monitor inventory status, product quantity in real time across all sales channels

Quantity monitoring
Set up a schedule or inventory plan to accurately monitor product quantities

Refund handling
Easily control return orders. All refunds will be repackaged and stock updated in the system

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Order management

Make sure your orders are always on time and satisfied with your customers.

Order management
Create bill of lading, track shipping status and business results on UFS . system

Complete your order
Guaranteed to complete orders within the day with orders created before 4pm

Time control
Do you have an order that needs special tracking? Specify the shipping time for timely support

Data Management
Analyze customer, business results and inventory data to help make the right decisions for the growth of the business

Product distribution
Store products closest to the customer to save time and shipping costs

Reporting and analysis
Choose a time and place to add or distribute inventory products based on analysis on the system

Real-time data
Ensure business operations with accurate and realistic data analysis


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