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Customers wishing to use services including: sending goods to the US, sending goods from the US to Vietnam or sending goods to the UK by air can refer to the price list attached in the article below.

* For retail customers

To book a car, please contact the VN call center (+84) 9 6297 1666. Rates will be applied according to the published rates of UFS. You will be able to track the goods in real time (Real-time). Please pay the freight in advance before starting to ship internationally.

* For contract customers

For contract customers, you will be applied a separate price list for contract customers and applied for payment at the end of the month. To use VN - US, VN - UK shipping services, please contact VN switchboard (+84) 9 6297 1666.

For more detailed information, you can contact UFS sales for advice on freight rates and other terms.

Some notes about shipping rates

The price list attached below is the published price list (public) for retail customers who use international express delivery services to meet arising delivery needs. Businesses that plan to send goods to the US regularly will use a separate price list according to the contract signed with each unit.

The attached tribute price list may change depending on the actual situation of the market, the change of input materials (gasoline, oil, ...).