What is express delivery? What is express delivery service?

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Date delivery concept become more widely available to everyone. However, current service users do not seem to clearly define what express delivery is and equate it with general freight.

Let’s find out together about this form of delivery-receipt right here!

1. What is express delivery service?


  • We knew that, a while ago this Limited means of transport, underdeveloped road infrastructure system makes traveling long distances take a lot of time. With the usual form of transport or freight, the sender and the receiver do not know exactly when their goods will arrive. That time period is often very long.
  • Traditional freight forwarding service usually arrives post office or post office with extended time. Due to the change in demand with the sales needs of online stores, the need to send goods with a short preservation time such as food or important letters…so this form is no longer suitable.
  • Along with the breakthrough development of construction infrastructure With construction and technology, we have been able to control and estimate accurately (possibly minutes, seconds) the time the goods / parcels can reach the recipient. And from there, the concept of express delivery was officially born.

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  • Express delivery is a delivery service unit. quickly perform one, several or all stages of collection, sorting, transportation and delivery with procedures to ensure that the sender’s goods are safe and intact when reaching the recipient’s hands in a short time. with high reliability.
  • Currently, express delivery is also extended with many accompanying services such as: same-day delivery and receipt, guaranteed shipping with confirmation of the parties,…

2. What is the difference between regular freight and express delivery?

Delivery time

  • Express delivery service differs from service plans Send is normally short and defined process time. As a result, the sender can control the delivery time faster as well as the recipient will receive the goods sooner without having to wait long.
  • For regular delivery, consignment post, Guaranteed parcels take a much longer lead time and suppliers rarely offer a definite commitment period.

Safety of goods

  • Express delivery always comes with “guaranteed delivery” “. Accordingly, the parcel must have a signature, the full name of the person who has received the goods and the time of receipt if the receiving address is okay.
  • In case the above requirements are not met, the guest will The customer has the right to sue the delivery service provider.

Strict process and lots of convenience

  • During express delivery, goods are always checked and packed according to the standards of the delivery unit. After that, all stages of transportation, transshipment and delivery are performed sequentially in the order that has been arranged. This process is always smooth to minimize the time to receive the goods.
  • If before, the sender had to go to the post office To send and receive goods, now any courier service can come to the place of delivery to pick up the goods and to the place of receipt to deliver the goods.
  • Besides, express delivery also comes with value-added services such as timed delivery (playing at the exact time the sender requests), delivery notification (providing the sender a confirmation about the recipient and time of receipt in writing), COD ship, .. .

3. What are the things to keep in mind when sending express shipping?

  • When using this service, you need to list detailed and complete basic information of the shipment such as type of goods, information of weight, length, width, height… accurately.
  • Note for fragile goods clear and apply shockproof measures such as wrapping extra foam, lining paper,… 
  • For liquid goods, plastic wrap is required feathers, to prevent leakage or spillage in the event of an accidental impact.

4. Popular forms of express delivery

Economy Express (Cheap)

This is the shipping form optimize costs for senders. Goods will be transported by road according to available routes. Delivery time is usually between 2-5 days.

24H Express/Superfast/fire speed

24h express delivery – Fire Express – Super Express (or same-day express delivery) is a popular freight service with delivery time within 24 hours. Normally, same-day delivery is applied to inner-city and central areas. city ​​center.

COD express

COD express service (ship COD) is currently being used by many e-commerce units because it can help senders receive money through express delivery. Besides, with this form, shoppers can feel more secure when having their goods delivered and paid at home.

Hopefully with the above information, you have understood more specifically the concept what is express delivery and other popular courier forms today. UFS is now outbound courier America domestic and international prestige. If you need to send goods, please contact UFS immediately via hotline or fanpage to receive advice!

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